Ko-tonics Services

General Finishing and Refinishing Service:

Ko-tonics has in-house abrasive blasting as well as coating.  DuraCoat works very well on wood,
hard composite plastics and metal.  Simple parts can be cleaned, prepped and coated at a very
economical price.  Please send us an email describing the items you would like to finish or refinish.  
Enclosing a picture would be helpful.  Please feel free to give us a call during Customer Service
hours (Monday through Friday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern Time) to discuss your project.

Firearm Finishing:

If you know firearms, you have probably already heard of DuraCoat and Cerakote. We chose these finishing materials after unsatisfactory experiences with other products that make similar


DuraCoat has excellent adherence to prepared surfaces. When it is applied correctly, it will never
come off. After curing 21 days, the only way to remove it is with heavy abrasive blasting. Parts finished with DuraCoat will look just as great when they are passed on to the next generation.


Cerakote excels at abrasion resistance. It has an inorganic binder with ceramic and cures both
chemically and by baking. It is highly recommended on parts where rubbing and abrasion are
expected, such as holster wear on handgun slides.


For a traditional look, DuraCoat Gun Blue can be applied. Gun Blue is the same tough, attractive
DuraCoat finish, in a color that exactly duplicates traditional hot salt bluing.


There is nothing like DuraCoat and Cerakote. Accept no substitutes.

One Color Finishes:

A One Color finish is individual firearm parts or whole firearms done in one color. Two-tone finish
(one-color slide and a different color frame, for instance) is considered One Color. For One Color
finishes, we don't mask portions of a part for a second color.

Multi-Color Finishes:

Multi-Color finishes are produced by carefully applying masks to preserve one color coat before
applying a subsequent color coat. Often this is done to produce a camouflage effect.

The following are just examples. We can apply a nearly endless variety of color and pattern
combinations to suit your specific desires and ideas.

Hunter Camouflage Packages:

Ko-tonics has developed a simple and cost effective method for applying basic DuraCoat
camouflage to rifle and shotgun stocks for hunters. This particular finish is professional in
appearance but much less expensive.

We also sell Bell and Carlson Creative Effects stocks in RealTree, Mossy Oak, and Trebark
patterns. We can combine this with refinishing the metal on a rifle or shotgun in a choice of colors
for a complete camouflage solution.

Please see our pricing page and contact Ko-tonics for details.


We have full in-house Parkerizing for firearms and parts. In fact, in most cases DuraCoat and
Cerakote finished items will be Parkerized prior to final coating.

Miscellaneous Services:

FFL Firearm Transfer. Firearms can be received from a dealer who holds a valid Federal
Firearm License. Please be sure to have the dealer send an INK SIGNED COPY of the
FFL. Call Ko-tonics before beginning a transaction.
We have a lot of experience and the special tools required to assemble AR-15 rifles, both
uppers and lowers.
The Hungarian-made FEG PA-63 is a unique interest at Ko-tonics. We have created a set of
services to greatly enhance these well-made pistols. Services include:
"De-horn" the frame and magazine for comfort.
Supply and install Wolff springs: extra power recoil spring, reduced power trigger
Smooth trigger/sear engagement surfaces.
Square and outline the rear sight, and paint the front sight (with Duracoat white.)
We can optionally smooth/fill the frame sides and DuraCoat the frame, if desired.