Specializing in refinishing firearms, focused on applying advanced finishing processes to nearly any kind of consumer or industrial product.

25 years of refinishing excellence

Ko-tonics provides service to individuals and organizations looking for durable, attractive finishes
for tools, sporting goods, machine parts, outdoor implements... nearly anything!

At Ko-tonics, we have invested in the specialized equipment and techniques which are needed to
achieve our customer's satisfaction. We are able to finish or re-finish metal, hard composite
plastics or wood. We have dozens of colors to choose from, and items refinished by Ko-tonics will
be more durable, waterproof, and resistant to solvents, chipping and cracking.

Ko-tonics has standard pricing for refinishing firearms. We are especially happy to work with gunsmiths and Federal Firearm License holders and offer special discounted pricing for them.

If you are thinking about a custom finish for your own firearm, or you are a gunsmith looking to
provide DuraCoat finishing for your customers, Ko-tonics can provide what you're looking for.

Ko-tonics also offers specialized services for the AR-15 rifle and FEG PA-63 pistol. Please see
the services and pricing pages for additional details.

Ko-tonics is an LCW Certified DuraCoat Finisher and Camo Expert.

Ko-Tonics no longer services customers, but here are some great shooting sport related businesses & organizations we think you should check out and support!