Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does Ko-tonics finish firearms?

    Four factors are critical for successful application of the firearm finishes that we use at Ko-tonics
    (DuraCoat and Cerakote.)


    1. Cleaning
    2. Surface Preparation
    3. Mixing
    4. Application

    1) Cleaning:

    Each firearm is carefully disassembled, and metal parts are separated from plastic.  Each part or
    group of parts is soaked in special degreasers which work best for that material.  Parts are
    soaked for 18-24 hours, to ensure that every bit of oil or grease has been removed from the
    surface and any seams.

    2) Surface Preparation:

    Parts which are to be refinished are moved to an abrasive blasting cabinet, where they are
    blasted with 120 grit aluminum oxide.  This creates microscopic peaks and valleys on the surface
    of the part. Barrel bores are plugged on both ends before blasting.  After blasting, parts are
    inspected and cleaned with 150PSI air to remove all grit.

    Parts made of steel (receivers, barrels, etc) are then Parkerized with a zinc phosphate
    parkerizing solution.  This creates barbwire-like crystalline structures on the peaks and valleys.
    When DuraCoat or Cerakote are sprayed on this surface, the liquid actually sinks into and below
    the surface of the metal, insuring that the new coating cannot come off.

    3) Mixing:

    This is the one factor which most often causes epoxy-based coatings to fail.  Coating and
    hardener must be mixed in the proper ratio to ensure that they will cure properly.  We are often
    approached by people who have tried these coatings and had poor results.  From speaking with
    them, very often this is the biggest reason for failure.  Even competent gunsmiths make mistakes
    in mixing.  Your firearm will have an extremely hard, durable surface as a result of our proven
    knowledge and experience.

    4) Application:

    Ko-tonics uses the best, top-of-the-line HVLP spray equipment, not cheap Chinese knock-offs.
    We use this equipment nearly every day, and test against practice guns and parts to try new
    materials and techniques.  We know exactly how to get a smooth hard finish without runs or thin
    spots.  We use an oven especially designed for firearms, with three digital alarm thermometers to
    get the best drying and curing for the parts after spraying.

    We go through all this for one reason: QUALITY.  We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the
    quality and durability of the finish Ko-tonics has applied.  We want to create firearms that will be
    gifts for your children and grandchildren.


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