Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does Ko-tonics finish firearms?

We have created a special section of the Links+Info page to answer this question.

  • Why should I send my gun to Ko-tonics?

Because experience, coupled with the best facilities, gives the best results.  At Ko-tonics we
refinish more firearms in a week than others do in a year.  And Ko-tonics is 100% dedicated
to firearms refinishing.  It isn't a "side-line" or an "add-on" service.  We have invested over
$10,000 in industrial-quality equipment necessary to give consistent, high-quality finishes to
every firearm that passes through our shop.

  • Will refinishing my gun hurt its value?

About 97% of the time, the answer is definitely NO.  A DuraCoat or Cerakote finish will
increase the value of your firearm most of the time.   For guns that are used, fired and
enjoyed, a DuraCoat or Cerakote finish can increase the value by hundreds of dollars.  (The
only time that you should not refinish a firearm is if you have a truly collectible antique firearm.
 Check with a gunsmith or get a copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values.)  

  • Can Ko-tonics re-blue my gun?

Yes.  We use DuraCoat Gun Blue and Cerakote SOCOM Blue to restore the original look of
your firearm.  Even though it looks just like traditional salt bluing, DuraCoat and Cerakote are
far more durable.  DuraCoat and Cerakote will never rust or wear-off the way bluing does.

  • What about wood stocks?

Ko-tonics can restore a wood finish, using the same materials that are traditionally used for
wood finishing. Alternatively, we can apply a DuraCoat finish (solid-color or camouflage.)

  • Do I need to remove the old finish before sending my gun in?

No.  We blast the surface of all parts with 120 grit aluminum oxide to prepare for DuraCoat
and Cerakote.  This effectively removes all traces of the old finish.

  • Do you do chrome or nickel electroplate finishing?

No.  DuraCoat and Cerakote are better finishes, and will give better service over the life of
the firearm.  We use these to refinish plastic parts (grip frames and stocks) as well.

  • What is DuraCoat?

DuraCoat is a remarkable two-part epoxy finish developed by Lauer Custom Weaponry.
Firearms can take quite a beating.  Firearm finishes are subject to very high heat, solvents,
weather, and general wear from use.  Tactical firearms are especially subject to harsh
environments and treatment.  Lauer Custom Weaponry developed DuraCoat to meet these
demands.  DuraCoat can be applied to nearly any object that needs a durable finish that
looks great.

  • What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a product of NIC Industries.  It is an industrial coating with many applications, and
works very well on firearms.  Cerakote contains ceramic and solid lubricants, and must be
mixed with hardener and baked to cure.  It is difficult to apply, and we do not offer Cerakote
in camouflage patterns.  Parts like handgun slides (which are subject to holster wear) are
good candidates for Cerakote.

  • Will DuraCoat or Cerakote stick to plastic?

Absolutely!  Both stick very well to plastic when we have prepared the surface.

  • How durable are DuraCoat and Cerakote?

DuraCoat and Cerakote will hold up very well against normal wear, and will far outlast regular
gun bluing and Parkerizing They resist chipping, cracking, and abrasion.  We guarantee
you will be happy with your refinished firearm.  

  • Can I use my gun right away after I get it back?

Please allow two full weeks after you get your firearm back to let a DuraCoat finish fully cure
and harden.  It takes 21 days from the day it is painted for DuraCoat to reach full cure.
Cerakote is cured by baking, and firearms finished with Cerakote can be used immediately.

  • Will DuraCoat or Cerakote stick to nickel plate (or chrome, or xyz finish, etc.)?

We apply DuraCoat and Cerakote by first abrasive blasting the surface.  All of the original
finish is removed.

  • Can you make my rifle look like Mossy Oak brand or RealTree brand camo?

Close, but not exactly.  Mossy Oak and RealTree are copyright and trademark protected.
We don't attempt to render photo-realistic leaves and branches with DuraCoat.  However, we
offer Bell and Carlson rifle and shotgun stocks with RealTree and Mossy Oak-type finishes.
Contact us and we will put together a package to refinish the metal parts of the firearm and
put them on a Bell and Carlson stock.

  • How do I send you my firearm?

Ko-tonics has a Federal Firearm License.  This allows individuals to send their firearms
directly to us, just as you may to a gunsmith.  Both FedEx and UPS will ship firearms.
Handguns must be shipped next-day air.  Be sure to contact your local FedEx or UPS
shipping location before you attempt to ship; your local FedEx or UPS office may be unaware
of their company's policies regarding firearm shipment.  While gun parts can be sent through
the mail, you may not ship a serial-numbered receiver or frame, or an entire gun, via the US
Postal Service.

  • Where is Ko-tonics located?

Our shop is in the heart of the North Carolina piedmont, about halfway between Durham and
Greensboro, near Interstate 40 & 85.

  • Can I visit your shop?

Generally yes, but we aren't set up for visitors, and we are very busy.  If you'd like to come by
the shop please call ahead.  Customers in our local area are welcome to bring their
refinishing projects directly to the shop and pick them up when ready.

  • How do you pronounce "Mebane?"

Mebane is pronounced "MEH-bin."